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As an Australian-owned and operated small business, The Waste Network provides a personalised service that is tailored to your business and your specific waste needs. From general waste to recycling, we offer a one-stop solution and guarantee our the best price and best service. Make the switch to The Waste Network today.

We offer flexible, no lock-in contracts based on flexible 30 day agreements with no hidden charges.

General Waste Bin Collection

Paper & Cardboard Collection

Commingled Recycling Solutions

Organic Food Waste Collection

Grease Trap Liquid Service Cleaning

E-Waste Collection Services

Construction Site Skip Bins & Bulk Bins Solutions

Glass Bottle Collection & Recycling Services

Hygiene Services & Sanitary Bin Solutions

Hazardous Industrial & Medical Waste

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Waste Service Agrement

Paone Consulting Pty Ltd (ACN 648 165 351) trading as ‘The Waste Network’ (ABN 72 648 165 351) (The Waste Network) of 9 Moorea Court, Mount Waverley, Victoria enters into this Waste Services Agreement with
the Customer under which the Customer agrees to accept the services from ‘The Waste Network’ on the terms and conditions of this Agreement

(Please ensure all details are supplied)

Item 1: Customer Details

Item 2: Owners or Directors Information

Item 3: Service Details & Equipment

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Item 4: Collection Address

Item 5: Commencement, Term and Payments

Billing Period
By monthly instalments in advance on the 1st day of each month of the Term (other than the first and last payments which are calculated on a pro-rata basis).
* Fixed increases exclude government levies (details can be found at https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/for-business/find-a-topic/landfill-guidance/waste-levy)
By signing this Agreement:

(a) the Customer acknowledges and agrees that it has had the opportunity to, and has read, understood and agrees to be bound to all of the terms in:

  (i) the Waste Services Agreement Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (Terms);
  (ii) the Direct Debit Request Authority (DDR);
  which is annexed hereto and forms part of this Agreement

(b) the Customer agrees to settle all payments owed to Paone Consulting Pty Ltd (ACN 648 165 351) t/as The Waste Network (ABN 72 648 165 351) (The Waste Network) by the due dates as set out in clause _____ of the Terms; and

(c) we, the directors/owners of the Customer, jointly and severally agree to:

   (i) guarantee the due payment of all monies due and owing of The Waste Network; and
   (ii) guarantee the due and proper performance of the Terms; and
   (iii) to indemnify and keep indemnified The Waste Network in respect of any liability or expense incurred by The Waste Network arising from the failure of the Customer to pay any money due to The Waste Network or to comply with the Terms

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